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We Strive For Excellence!

Thank you for your interest in Prestige Limousine Service, Inc. We have attempted to put as much information online as possible to help you make your choice as to which Limousine Service that you will allow to serve you on your special date and for your special event. If you have ever used a Limousine Company before then you already know that not all Limousine Companies are created equal. There are great differences from company to company in the quality of vehicles, quality of driver and quality of service. Prestige Limousine has attempted to compile the best of all aspects of the Limousine Service from modern, safe, well maintained vehicles to well trained, well mannered, professional drivers that combine for a service that has not been matched in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can we come see your Limousines?

A: YES YOU CAN!!!!! We hear so many times from customers that a lot of other Limousine companies refuse to allow them to come and see the Limousines before making a reservation. FOLKS THIS IS A HUGE RED FLAG!!! They have something that they do not want you to see or something they don’t want you to know. They hope you will just make the reservation over the phone and then on the date of your special event an old clunker shows up it’s too late to make a change. If a company will not show you their fleet, RUN! A lot of time the person you have called doesn’t even own a Limousine, they are simply trying to rent you a Limousine from another company or individual.
We offer modern, clean and safe vehicles that we are proud to show off. At one time we had a program where you could call us and we would drive out to you to show the car you were interested in however our business has now grown so much that we no longer have the time required to do this (However depending on when you call, if we are out and about and have time we just may offer to bring it by and let you look at it). You may however call and make an appointment during the week and we will gladly allow you to see our fleet. We have nothing to hide and we want you to be proud of the vehicle that arrives at your special event on your special day. Friday and Saturday viewings are nearly impossible as Saturday is the busiest day of the week for the Limousine Industry. Week days are best.


Q: How will my driver be dressed?

A: Great Question! We hear a lot of stories about how other company’s drivers show up in sweats or a T-shirt and jeans. Not with Prestige Limousine Service. All of our drivers will arrive for your event dressed in a Tuxedo or a Suit and Tie. No exceptions. We offer a First Class service and our drivers appearance will be First Class everytime


Q: Do you stock the Limousine with Alcohol?

A: NO. We do however stock our Limousines with ice and water. Our customers who are age 21 or older are welcome to bring their adult beverage of choice with them into the Limousine. Please note that North Carolina Law does not allow ANY Limousine Company to provide you with alcoholic beverages.


Q: Are your Vehicles Insured?

A: YES! Great question. North Carolina State Law requires that any company or person who offers “For Hire” services maintain a minimum liability insurance policy for each vehicle that carries less than 16 passengers in the amount of $1.5 million Dollars and any vehicle that carries 16 or more passengers must carry a policy of $5 Million. We are fully insured for all of our vehicles. (HINT: If you look at a car that you have hired for transportation services and you walk to the back of the vehicle and look at the license plate you will instantly know if this vehicle has the required insurance to offer this service. If the vehicle has a “FOR HIRE” license plate then the insurance is most likely in place. If the vehicle has a normal NC license plate it is certain that the vehicle is not insured and not licensed for the services that they are providing. This is common with MOST $50 per hour Limousines.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We require a $200.00 non-refundable deposit for all Limousine reservations and a $50 non-refundable deposit for all sedan or luxury SUV reservations (Prom season requires a $200.00 deposit) . We also require written notice at least 14 days in advance for any cancellation. Should you cancel your reservation 14 days or more in advance only your deposit will be retained. Should you need to cancel your reservation with less than 14 days before the event then the entire reservation amount will be due and charged. The following will be a description of why the 14 day written notice is required. Once you read this you should understand fully why this policy is in place. When you call Prestige Limousine and make a reservation you the customer expect that we will reserve your chosen vehicle for your event and that we will insure that it is available for you on the date and time specified for your special event. You expect us to hold that vehicle and not rent it to anyone else and that it be held for your event. We do exactly that. Once you have made your reservation and you have paid your deposit we hold that vehicle for you. We turn away all other customers who call after that reservation and tell them that your particular Limousine is not available. We hold it for you. As such if you cancel with only a few days before the event we will not likely be able to get another reservation for that vehicle and therefore by changing your mind we will loose our income and damages to us will have occurred. We feel as though 14 days is a fair amount of time for you to cancel and it gives us a much greater opportunity to get another reservation to lessen the chance of lost income. Simply put, when you pay your deposit you expect that vehicle to be there for you and we expect payment for that vehicle being reserved just for you.